Code of Conduct

Zetor Engineering, s.r.o., being aware of the importance of ethical conduct in business and interpersonal relations, and as part of the prevention of unfair or illegal practices, including the avoidance of any criminal liability of the company, adopts the following Code of Ethics:

Zero tolerance of unethical or illegal conduct

Zetor Engineering, s.r.o. is committed to high moral values and principles, places emphasis on regulatory compliance, and therefore does not tolerate any illegal, unethical or unfair conduct. Every employee is required to work correctly according to their strengths, knowledge and abilities, and avoid any conduct that might prejudice the legitimate interests of Zetor Engineering, s.r.o., including its property and reputation.

Protection of goodwill and reputation

Zetor Engineering, s.r.o. is a company interested in building and maintaining its reputation and goodwill. The company management and employees shall ensure that they help create goodwill and a good reputation through their actions, and avoid any actions that might jeopardize or damage the company’s goodwill, and shall treat as confidential any facts that have come to their knowledge in the course of the performance of their duties and which in the company’s interests must not be disclosed to third parties.

Binding effect of the Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics of Zetor Engineering, s.r.o. is binding not only on employees but compliance with the Code shall also be required from the business partners of Zetor Engineering, s.r.o.

Employees take all their decisions in the course of performing their duties for the good of and in accordance with the best interests of Zetor Engineering, s.r.o. During their work, employees shall not be guided by their own personal interests or benefit to the detriment of the interests or benefit of the company. No employee shall accept or offer any gift or entertainment which could establish, or give the impression of establishing, a future commitment to the giver of that gift or entertainment – taking into account common sense, local usage or practice.