Quality policy

The management of ZETOR Engineering s.r.o. is personally committed to providing, to the maximum extent possible, their customers with products and services that meet and even exceed their expectations.

All ZETOR Engineering s.r.o. employees are personally committed to implementing the goals, programmes and tasks helping to support the integrated management system in line with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ČOS 051672 (AQAP 2110).

Such goal can only be achieved by continuous improvement and streamlining the quality management system as a tool for managing our company. To fulfil this vision, we apply the following objectives and principles:


  • Personal contact with our current as well as future customers is needed in order to understand customer needs

  • Provide customers with products exceeding their expectations, in respect of delivery date, quality and price

  • Provide a high standard of after-sales services with a good level of availability

  • Direct intensive efforts towards satisfying requirements for the design of special of vehicles used for defence purposes

Goal: Exceed customer’s expectations


  • Create an enabling and motivating environment, and support the development of employees

  • Support the education and knowledge of each employee

  • Require responsibility for achieving set working objectives

Goal: Only satisfied, loyal and highly qualified employees can create the best product


  • The best product can only be created by competition between capable suppliers, using top-quality materials and components

  • Developing our relationships with suppliers is a tool for unifying the understanding of requirements for product specifics

  • Transfer compliance with requirements from our processes to suppliers’ processes

Goal: Selection and collaboration with the very best


  • Monitor and respond to the requirements of other stakeholders

  • Conform to legal provisions and legislation, and continuously adhere to, monitor and verify this compliance

Goal: Be a trusted partner on the market


  • Company leaders lead by example in improving the quality system

  • Build relations based on ethical principles, trust and cooperation among all colleagues

  • Every new call for change is the right challenge

  • Ensure the performance of and compliance with all legislative obligations relating to the business of the company

Goal: Lead by example


  • An active approach to improving our products and their quality

  • A high level of responsibility for their own work that prevents errors and checking their work consistently

  • Teamwork and a proactive approach to achieving objectives

Goal: Continuously improve